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Storia: the future of cultural heritage

Storia is a multi-platform entertainment company operating in the cultural heritage sector. We create ecosystems of historically-inspired, interconnected stories, which we refer to as narrative universes. Our primary focus is on live immersive experience, through which we invite our visitors to truly step into the past and witness history first-hand.

Each Storia universe is anchored in a particular place, at a particular time, for instance London in the Roaring Twenties, or Belle Époque Paris – a culturally significant moment in the history of a city. Within each city we create a ‘House’ – a fully-realised historical environment – a building caught in time, imbued with the spirit of that specific moment in history. And within each House, we host a thrilling nightly immersive performance. For example, London in the Roaring Twenties might be Housed in a champagne-soaked nightclub, Renaissance-era Florence an artist’s studio, or perhaps Mumbai the set of a Golden-Age Bollywood film.

Storia sits at the intersection of the arts, travel and heritage disciplines, bringing new approaches and techniques to the performing arts, and creating unique experiences for our guests.

Cultural Heritage: telling the world’s stories

We are driven by the goal of providing access to cultural heritage through experience, by creating breath-taking stories that can explored, and by offering visitors the opportunity to be ‘in the room when it happened’.

Stories make us who we are. They are meeting points, the nexus of our common humanity. We have a global heritage that we all share, in which we all have a part and to which we all belong. History is not a list of kings and queens, names and dates, facts and figures — it is made of individual stories, universal in the resonance of human experience, shaped by the era and culture in which they were played out.

It is through this social history — with an appreciation of the circumstances of the time and an understanding of the social climate in which people lived out their lives — that we see our own lives and circumstances, and the common threads that link us all.

Storia seeks to break down barriers and borders, and promote access to a shared global history to which we all belong. Storia supports local host communities, as well as the wider world, through education, urban regeneration, employment and a celebration of cultural heritage.

We see Storia as a force for good.

“[We declare] that since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defences of peace must be constructed”

The UNESCO Constitution