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What do we make?

Storia produces an ever-evolving catalogue of diverse cultural contributions.

Each narrative universe is anchored in a Storia House, and each House hosts a spectacular historical immersive theatre experience. These large-scale, long-running shows are our core creative focus. However, each narrative universe extends far beyond these evening performances. For example, if a character in a live Storia performance is a novelist, her novel may be available to purchase online. If a certain historical cocktail is available from our in-world bar, a recipe book for traditional cocktails will be available to download after the performance. Or if, perhaps, a distinctive brooch on a costume catches your eye, the history of that brooch may be accessible as a podcast, an academic article, or even a playable digital game.

Every Storia product exposes a unique facet of the cultural narrative of its universe. All exist as independent, free-standing works of art, while also contributing to each larger historical narrative. We aim to create extensive narrative-driven trans-media networks, offering real-world and digital visitors multi-dimensional access to stories from history.

The Storia Houses

Storia Houses are situated in cultural capitals throughout the world, each housing a unique immersive theatrical experience from a particular moment in history. Storia offers unforgettable experiences that will make you feel part of history – truly like stepping back in time.

These experiences take place across entire buildings — stunning, detail-rich historical environments that audiences are free to explore. The atmospheric sets are populated by a host of factually-inspired characters weaving a thrilling theatrical performance throughout the building.

There is no stage and no fixed seating, and audience members are free to roam as they wish, to follow whichever strand of the story piques their interest, and to create their own personal journeys through our worlds.

The audience is gathered together for the first few minutes of the show – an introduction to the world we have entered, setting the scene for the evening’s entertainment. Each character has their own storyline within the main narrative, and these intersect, providing glimpses of the wider world no matter where you decide to go. You might shadow a single character for the duration of the show, to get an in-depth view of every aspect of their personal story — you walk where they walk, run when they run, see and hear everything they see and hear. Or perhaps an overheard, whispered conversation might lead you down a different path… Or you might prefer to dip in and out of various storylines, picking up the trails of many characters around the House, and have a broader overview of what’s going on… Or you may like to spend the evening in a particular location — the House’s kitchen, or the ballroom, or the secret room behind the bookcase in the attic — and witness how the story plays out from that particular vantage point.

Explore the set and props – open the drawers in the bureau and read the letters you find, or take a look at whatever has been concealed in the safe behind the painting on the wall. The building is part of the story – maybe the music box has a message hidden within its melody, or maybe the walls themselves can speak…

We have spent nearly a decade developing our immersive storytelling techniques, and we believe our epic, narrative-driven shows to be unique, combining exhilarating theatrical spectacle with intimate historical intrigue.